Trends come and go, but an elegant, timeless piece will always be the winner, the one that always makes you powerful, confident, and ready to go rule the world. At least that’s what Amna Alsalem’s pieces make you feel like! Growing up in Kuwait as the daughter of an art collector and home-ware designer, she developed an eye for beauty immediately.

Knowing she’s always wanted to do something creative with her life, after getting a business degree, she went to London and studied fashion at Istituto Marangoni. Those years would be the start of forming her own signature style, merging elegant pieces with edgy statement details.

Amna Alsalem designs her garments to embody her own expression of self and perception of beauty, something so unapologetically her that won’t ever feel like too much or like a piece of clothing that wears the wearer instead of the other way. Her creations have a timelessness that cannot be replicated and the power to make you confident.

Amna’s designs are produced in Kuwait using the highest-quality fabrics, sourced from Paris and Milan, appropriate for women’s formalwear. The craft and attention to detail are ways of paying respect to the wearer’s body and their unique presence.

Her work has been featured in glorious publications like Vogue Arabia, L’Officiel and Marie Claire.

For us, her pieces are must-haves and a way of empowering your mood and dreams. Imagine wearing a silk dress on a breezy summer night, while sipping on an Aperol Spritz with your loved one at the light of a tea-scented candle. Now that’s class!

For more details about Amna Alsalem’s collections, check out her site right here.