As a subsidiary of Turkey’s philanthropic Vehbi Koç Foundation, Arter manages to be a vibrant cultural hub that brings together artists and audiences to celebrate contemporary art in all its forms and sizes. Their beautifully minimal spaces are about to reopen soon, in the post-lock-down Istanbul.

They have done an amazing job at creating a dynamic multi-layered, interdisciplinary public building for showcasing artistic collections for the past 10 years and we are happy to see how art brings people together under the same rooftop of creative energy.

Arter offers a rich cultural program, enhancing, stimulating, and challenging audiences’ experience and impressions.

From 2010 to 2018, at its building on Istiklal Street, Istanbul’s main pedestrian artery for culture and arts, Arter presented 35 exhibitions to date with accompanying publications, talks, performances and workshops; and provided support for the production of almost 200 artworks in the framework of its program.

Last year, they moved to a new building, designed by Grimshaw Architects, a place where they strive to be a sustainable, vibrant cultural hub, making its broad range of programs accessible to everyone.

Arter presents exhibitions from but not limited to its collection as well as performances and events across disciplines, expanding the range of its programs.

They also offer a membership program, called Arter Together, which aspires to create a community that gathers around art, and shares experiences as it grows.

Considering that the youth has access to the membership for FREE (what a gift!), it’s amazing how much they are doing for the artistic community. This way, after joining the community, your interaction with the institution will be continuous and mutual.

#LoveAndLobby wish them countless years of beauty expression and educating their public on seeing art in everything around them. Make sure to check out their site & visit the museum, soon to be open.