If you haven’t heard of Mochi before, you’re in for a real treat! The brand has had a marvellous journey over the years, all thanks to designer Ayah Tabari, the fun-hearted and revolutionising creative behind its vision.

Mochi is well-known for celebrating colour, sunny & positive prints, while giving an ode to traditions and cultural handwork. There is no way you can look at Ayah’s designs without getting a smile on your face! Mochi is a total mood-lifter, that’s for sure!

Ayah Tabari is originally from Palestine, but has grown up in an international environment: she was raised between Amman and Riyadh, studied in London, and later on settled in Dubai and Amsterdam. Getting exposed to such a mix of cultures has made a mark on her love for maximalist fashion and traveling.

Her love for discovering unique vintage treasures and unexpected places determined Ayah to create her brand Mochi in 2013, crafting fun and colorful clothes to contribute to a better world.

Going on a sustainable road, Mochi uses mostly older materials and pieces from their previous collections, in the hopes of preventing overproduction and reducing waste. Also, their collections are produced in smaller quantities, resulting in unique and special pieces that are made with passion.

This autumn, Mochi has launched their newest collection, called Falling for You, inspired by Ayah’s recent move to Amsterdam, her new home.

“The Falling for You collection has been envisioned and brought to life through my deep love of my new home, the city of Amsterdam. Falling for You, like Amsterdam, is a patchwork of cultures, identities, and personalities.” – Ayah Tabari

Each piece from her collection is named after a street, place or historic personality from Amsterdam. Along with her love for her new home, Ayah remembers of her beloved home land of Palestine; for which she dedicated the Heren Top.

Proceeds of the top sale went to the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF), who provide quality medical and humanitarian care to Arab children throughout the Middle East that are victims of the conflict, regardless of nationality, religious or political affiliation.

Given that Mochi is made in small batches, we strongly recommend you to pre-order now, so you can have a piece of unique design! It will surely brighten your day.

Photos courtesy of Mochi.

You can check out her new collection, here.