Everybody loves a good ol’ cup of coffee in the morning, for a boost of energy and inspiration. The ritual of drinking it has evolved throughout the years, especially as millennials have been running after the aesthetic look, posing with some latte art and good lightning. But what about the whole coffee shop experience?

For Saudi Arabia, coffee is strongly rooted in the local culture which has since evolved into a flourishing industry across the country.

Multiple International Award Winning architecture practice Azaz Architects has designed a new coffee shop for local brand Elixir Bunn, aiming to create a modern-day spiritual experience for coffee drinkers in Riyadh.

Through a strong commitment to providing sustainable solutions while paying great attention to detail, Azaz Architects has grown to become a highly reputable firm under the leadership of Saudi Arabia’s prominent architect, Shahad Alazzaz.

The design team has managed to create a modern experience, while still maintaining some local flavor, as Islamic architecture details can be seen peeking through. The overarching design with structural columns gives it a temple-like feel, which strongly supports the idea of a ritual.

Of course, let’s be real, the powerful drink deserves such a temple, as it takes the whole experience to a spiritual level fo relaxing.

For a modern touch, they used sustainable Italian Terrazzo for the floor and the deep blue spiral staircase, making the result no less than spectacular!

We know for sure we would love to have our morning drink here! What about you?

Azaz Architects delivers a diverse portfolio of projects ranging from residential, multi-use, office space and commercial, including exterior and interior architecture, furniture design, site supervision as well as project management.


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