If you are a big fan of glamorous red carpet events, you have most surely already heard about this legendary duo. AZZI & OSTA is a Lebanese fashion brand that has made a big impact in the luxury world with its intricate designs and elaborate craftsmanship. The brand was founded by designers George Azzi and Assaad Osta in 2010 and since then has managed to gain international recognition and a loyal clientele.

George and Assaad met in Fashion School, both studying at ESMOD in Beirut. After graduating, they both got internships at Elie Saab and were eventually hired as assistant designers. By gaining experience and a new friendship, they decided to take it to a whole new level and create their own label. Today, AZZI & OSTA encompasses Haute Couture, Bridal and Ready-to-wear and it’s adored by confident, sophisticated women over the world.

Their pieces often feature intricate embroideries, delicate lacework, voluminous silhouettes, and rich fabrics. They take inspiration from everyday life, from Middle Eastern traditions, architecture, mixing it up with modern details. Since they were little, they were surrounded by creativity. George grew up inspired by his grandmother who was a tailor, while Assad spent hours watching his mother as she stitched her own clothes with great attention to detail. They managed to create a unique and instantly recognizable signature style that is unmistakably, AZZI & OSTA.

They are also well-known for their mastery of voluminous silhouettes. It’s become almost a signature of their looks. Their designs often feature dramatic draping, sculptural shapes, and exaggerated proportions. By playing with volume, they create garments that make a statement and exude a sense of grandeur.

Over the years, Azzi & Osta has dressed numerous celebrities and prominent personalities, both regionally and globally. Their designs have graced red carpets at prestigious events like the Cannes Film Festival, the Met Gala, and the Golden Globes. The brand’s creations have been worn by celebrities such as Beyonc√©, Kendall Jenner, Cardi B, Celine Dion, Helen Mirren, among others.

Their spring-summer 2023 collection is called Philarmonie Astrale and tells the story of futuristic fashion. Given that people are already talking about going to Mars in the near future as a reality, the Azzi & Osta brothers are giving us a take on how they see fashion evolving. Get ready for mutant dresses, with geometric silhouettes and big shoulders. The color palette includes intense colors, like violet, pink, and marine blue. The special touch is silver 3D embroidery, that it’s meant to mimick the surface of planets.

In addition to their ready-to-wear collections, Azzi & Osta also create custom-made designs for clients seeking one-of-a-kind pieces for special occasions. They provide a personalized approach to fashion, ensuring that each garment is tailored to the individual client’s style and preferences.

Azzi & Osta’s success has led to collaborations with various luxury brands and retailers. Their designs have been showcased in prominent fashion publications and have received critical acclaim for their innovation and artistry. The brand continues to evolve, captivating fashion enthusiasts with their unique and glamorous creations.

Photos courtesy of Azzi & Osta. For more info on their collections, click here.