These hot temperatures have been making us think about a well-deserved vacation. Istanbul might be a great spot for that, but do you know what else it is known for? Its fashion scene. Turkish people definitely know how to dress up, so it doesn’t surprize us one bit that the exceptional local designers are making their way into the international crowd.

One of those designers is Ceren Ocak, a contemporary designer brand that aims to inspire strong women to reflect their independent soul through high-quality, sophisticated, and feminine designs. Get ready to create a versatile wardrobe that is perfectly balanced: cool, but with elegant notes, classics with a memorable twist, attention to detail and geometric precision.

Ceren founded her brand in 2013, after getting her degree in business and then completing her fashion design education at Istanbul La Salle International Academy. She created several collections for Zeki Triko, after which she decided to pave her own way as fashion designer.

She gained recognition for her unique approach to street style. What makes her unique? Ceren effortlesly blend contemporary aesthetics with a rebellious edge, incorporating unconventional cuts, bold colors, all while maintaining a freeing urban energy. You just know you might see some of her pieces worn one day by trendsetters like Kendall Jenner or Bella Hadid.

Feeling rebellious yourself? Maybe you could try one of Ceren Ocak’s model off-duty look. No wonder Ceren has showcased her collections at Istanbul Fashion Week and has been featured in prominent Turkish fashion publications. Her work has always resonated with a younger audience looking for fashion that expresses their individuality and reflects the spirit of street culture through unconventional silhouettes.

Her Summer S23 Collection is out and it’s giving a relaxed, beachy feel, with ocean blue tones and silky materials. Looks ideal for that Istanbul vacation that we were telling you about! If you are ready to turn heads, then you better be ready to go out with your friends and experiment the bustling power of the city nightlife! Sequins, fishnets, pleats and sparkly goodness. What is there not to like? Summer is all about freedom and a fun time, right?

Photos courtesy of Ceren Ocak.
If you’d like to check her official website, click here.