Happy New Year means Happy New You! And what does New You mean? Maybe New…Handbag? Because we wouldn’t mind, for sure! Sounds like the perfect way to start 2022 in a fashionable way!

Our choice for the start of the year is the wonderful Dara Hamarneh, a luxury accessories brand created by Dara herself. What to expect? A timeless, minimalistic, elegant approach to fashion, carefully created out of leather, to withstand the test of time, wear and tear.

Jordanian designer Dara Hamarneh has graduated from Polimoda Institute of Fashion in Florence and uses her eclectic eye for a minimalist, curated approach.

Not only do Dara’s handbags create a flawless look thanks to their quality, but they are also the perfect way to educate and encourage the clientele to have a slow-fashion approach to their wardrobe. The consumerism mentality should stay in the past. Let’s leave it in 2021!

Hamarneh managed to create the “clean and seasonless” look, thanks to her structured shapes, monochrome wonders. There’s a perfect handbag for every type of style, be it your classical black & nudes, or preppy pastels. Dara is here to make sure that you can easily wear something and be jaw-dropping, while still effortless and not too made up.

Harmaneh has a pragmatic, ethical approach while avoiding the sustainability term, which she says has been thrown around too much lately, without meaning. While her collection is handmade in Italy, the process has rigorous attention to detail and manages to maintain the utmost respect for the suppliers, workers, raw materials, forming a complete mindful cycle.

Sounds like it’s time to stock up on some Valletta and Baguette bags!

Photos courtesy of Dara Hamarneh. Check out her shop right here.