The Hippie VP of Design & Creative, Dari works with artists around the globe to create good mood through art, for the hip co-working locations thriving in the States, Europe and Middle East, under the Mindspace umbrella. Dari was Mindspace’s first employee. She invented the company’s name, and she’s very proud of that. Prior to joining the company, she worked as a Branding Manager in Hallo015, Getonic, Feedeo and Peres Peace Center. Dari participated in the Zell entrepreneurship program in 2013 and holds a BA in Business Administration & Finance.

1. What would make your soul sing? What makes you happy? 

Flowers and freedom.

2. A childhood story that announced the creative person you are today

“The Giving tree”, by Shel Silverstein.

3. Best context ever for inspiration was:

Salone del Mobile 2017.

4. The project you loved most:

Mindspace Warsaw project at Hala Koszyki.

5. The project others loved most:

Mindspace Appold project in London.

6. The best thing about Israeli creativity is:

Israeli creatives use endless motivation to push their ideas forward. 

7. Best statement of Israeli humor:

Any! We are funny people- I love Israeli humor; it always lifts my spirit.

8. Advice for international head hunters, related to Israeli creatives: 

Check how “global” they are, some Israelis can be very locally oriented and not as familiar with what’s going on in the design world. Asking about global trends can help identify the ones that are more connected. 

9. Best place in Tel Aviv:

Other than my home? Clipa Theater in the Kerem- great art performance, one needs to book in advance.

10. Best Place in Israel: 

The desert and if in Jerusalem, Beit Alliance. This is a building managed by a community of artists, where they create different kind of exhibitions and events with unique concepts- it’s worth going.

11. The most disturbing cliché about Israel: 

That we all have large noses. Israelis are gorgeous. 

12 Your opinion on money:

13. Your opinion on spirituality: 


14. A book/film recommendation for a Young Creative

“Iris”-the Iris Apfel documentary.


Mindspace is an international operator of boutique office spaces. It’s people-centric, with a focus on good mood, coziness and accessibility, so people could actually be excited about coming to work and businesses to thrive, as consequence. With good coffee, good design and good food at reach, companies living their professional life in the Mindspace locations have happier, more productive employees, managing to attract and retain the best talent. The Mindspace Experiences immerse members into a creative and inspiring microcosm, where they have access to attune personal service, a vibrant community, a ripe professional network, and an in-house events schedule packed with wellness, lifestyle and professional programs.
With offices all over the world, from Tel Aviv to London, Bucharest, Warsaw and New York, the global Mindspace community includes over 14,000 members.