Over the last two decades, award-winning fashion brand Dice Kayek has been directed by the Ege sisters from Istanbul and Paris, Ayşe and Ece, and showing everyone that success is a combination of hard work and passion. The brand continues to evolve its practice, unwavering with a different vision of modern elegance.

Get immersed in the art of sculptural silhouettes and architectural proportions, a signature style specific to the Dice Kayek language. The brand takes craftsmanship seriously, creating art and couture-level pieces, the composition for an unique expression of the contemporary wardrobe.

Dice Kayek is known for its innovative and artistic designs that often feature intricate detailing, elaborate embroidery, and sculptural elements. Their collections are characterized by a blend of modernity and references to Turkish heritage. Their use of luxurious fabrics, intricate handwork, and meticulous attention to detail pays off, creating timeless pieces to enjoy for a lifetime.

The brand has showcased its collections at prominent fashion events and shows, including Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. Their presentations are known for their artistic storytelling and theatricality. No wonder the brand has garnered a strong international following and has been worn by notable figures, including celebrities, like Zandaya, Celine Dion or Naomi Campbell, and even dignitaries.

The hard-working sisters are already giving us a glimpse of the Fall 2023 collection. What to expect? Elegance and class! Black, terracotta brown, dark navy, everything from structured suits to ruffles and cotton poplin. This collection can be easily adapted from a day look to a night look, or even an office look to a ready-for-an-exquisite-drink look.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? You just can never be wrong with a Dice Kayek look! You can already check out this infallible collection on their site. Get ready to shop!

Photos courtesy of Dice Kayek. Check out the brand’s official page, here.