Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and while all fashion brands claim to support this, not many actually cater to the female audience which is not a perfect 90-60-90. Today, things are starting to change! Designers have stopped running after unattainable silhouettes and promoting reality and we couldn’t be happier that self-love is the final, real trend. Perfection is outdated anyway, don’t you think?

In UAE, the scene has been stolen by Dima Ayad, Lebanese fashion designer based, who launched her eponymous brand in 2010, and since then has become known for her feminine and playful designs that often feature bold prints and bright colors. She offers a unique and refreshing take on fashion in the Middle East, a brand that is synonymous with inclusivity.

With a Marketing background and a passion for beauty and fashion, she decided to create her dresses when she realized that she wasn’t able to find anything to wear in her size. Given the gap in the market and the several compliments she would get for designs, Dima took a leap of faith and created her own label, which is now sold worldwide.

Ayad’s collections often draw inspiration from her Middle Eastern heritage, but she also incorporates Western fashion elements to create a unique fusion of cultures. Her designs have been described as “effortlessly chic” and have been worn by celebrities and socialites in the Middle East and beyond, including Beyonce, Katy Perry and Priyanka Chopra. Ayad has also shown her collections at major fashion events, including Dubai Fashion Week and Fashion Forward Dubai.

Dima believes that fashion is for everybody and has featured models of different ethnicities, ages, and sizes in her runway shows and advertising campaigns, reflecting a commitment to celebrating diversity.

Given her success, she has also launched her own communication agency during the pandemic, which focuses on providing strategic communications and branding services to clients in the fashion and beauty industries.

Dima Ayad’s goal with the agency is to help fashion and beauty brands build a strong and distinctive identity, and to help them connect with their target audiences in a meaningful way. Due to her experience as a fashion designer, she now has a unique insight into the industry, helping newcomers celebrate fashion and women! This is just one other way she managed to take inclusivity even further.

The future is definitely female, isn’t it?

Photos courtesy of Dima Ayad. Check out her online shop, here.