a word from Tedi Migdalovici, #LOVEANDLOBBY’s founder

This Christmas I badly felt like a good laugh from the bottom of my heart, and I asked around whether people knew of a recent delightful comedy. And the educated recommendation was “Don’t look up”. By the time I’ve reached half of the movie, regardless of the smiles sprouting along, I felt more and more anxious, for I could see where the absurdity of the whole shebang was leading to. Full depression hit at the end – the entire story was a horrific lucid mirror, showing our true nature, the one that, although gifted with intelligence, right circumstances and beautiful potentials to address risks, dissolve dangers and live happily ever after, pushes us to smartly going full speed towards a long time announced disaster. It is in our nature, somehow, to play the self-destructive card, although we were supposed to be the most advanced creature of the evolution chain.

In the process, we ended up being too intelligent for our own good, which is the new kind of trendy stupidity.  

Today, March 4th, I woke up in the early morning with the news from a dear Ukrainian friend: a video of a heavily bombarded nuclear plant in Ukraine, around 5 am, probably one of the biggest if not the biggest in Europe.

The fire has been extinguished and apparently no radioactive spill so far. But that news came later.

In the minutes following the video, having the chilly glimpse of “what ifs” adding up to the pressure of the past few days, thinking of the war next door, of the loves we didn’t quite consume, of the life we didn’t quite live, of all the places we didn’t get the chance to discover, of all the people we were supposed to meet but couldn’t, of the projects we didn’t quite manage to give birth to, of the friends living in the basement, of the people dying or being displaced, of those Russian civilians that have sent help or tried to speak up,  now being in danger, I realized how incredibly fragile and completely fucked up our world is. And also, how the outside world is nothing more than a reflection of what we, humanity, hold inside: the ego, the fear, the low vibes, the power display, the laziness of not making the effort to make things right or to consider the nuances of every single situation before using a metaphorical machine gun and burn everything to ashes.

When in times of crisis or pressure, our nature shows off its true colors. And oh, boy, what a revelation. Most and foremost, buy iodine and “Don’t look up”.

Note: the visual is a fragment from Picasso’s mural, “La guerre et la paix”, to be seen in Vallauris.