In a world where modernism and traditions always clash, we are proud to discover brands that manage to skillfully create a balance between these two personalities, a yin-yang sort of harmony.

We present to you Ellie Home Design, a Cairo local brand, started in 2013 by sisters Nahla &Nour Abdel Nasser, which has managed to resuscitate the craft of old artisans and support their work. They create all kinds of eye candy, from decorative pieces to tableware.

Pottery has been a re-emerging trend for a while now and local communities cannot be more excited. People are starting to get bored of that perfect social media esthetic. They want something meaningful, memorable, and unique. From mass-produced to locally sourced. From new to old and wise. From perfection to seeing beauty in mistakes and asymmetry. It’s all about forming a personal connection, giving objects a soul that you care and cherish. Considering that Egyptian artisanry is under the threat of extinction, Ellie emerges as a savior.

Today we’ll present our top 3 collections from their portfolio that we think will make any design aficionado excited:


This one is for those minimalist souls, for those who want a Marie Kondo clean vibe. The Ellie team notes that this specific collection is inspired by the less is more philosophy and we couldn’t agree more!

If you want some structure, a classic that is always right, with pastels that take you on cloud nine, say no more, you have everything you need here for the perfect relaxed brunch. Some latte art would match the atmosphere, wouldn’t it?


This one took our heart, not only by design, but by the message behind it. It is inspired by the people who use it, who are all beautiful in their unique way. Same with the tableware, Ellie likes to celebrate the diversity of all skin shades, ranging from dark brown to cream. They come in all shapes and sizes, be it tall, short, slim or curvy.

A collection that has such a therapeutic meaning behind it. It tells you it is ok to be different, you are right and deserving just the way you are! Now pour some lavender tea for yourself and arrange some fresh flowers in these your new vases. Smells like a fresh start!


Now, listen… there’s no way you can’t agree that this one is royal worthy! If you are not going to buy this and act like you are in an episode of The Crown, what are you even doing with your time? It’s a pandemic! Live a little!

Jokes aside, the white and blue combination, the golden rim accents with natural, brutal edges create a special feeling of luxury and elegance. This will really bring extravagance to any dinner table.
The simple leaf design makes it antique-like, sort of like having a feast at a museum.

So, which collection will you pick today? What mood are you in? Regardless of what you choose, you are definitely in for a treat!

Interested in checking Ellie’s other collections as well? Click here for their official store.