Daffodils, roses, daisies, tulips, orchids, you name them! Flowers come in all shapes and sizes, with colorful patterns and fragrances that could revive your whole spirit in a second. We always hear about trends in fashion, makeup, arts, but what about flower bouquets? Well, Goshá is here to revolutionize the way we see flower arrangements by creating what we can simply call floral masterpieces.

The duo behind the floral studio is Natalia Shustova, IT girl, popular fashionista and corporate & real estate partner at a private law firm in Dubai, and, Gurgen Yeritsyan AKA Goshá, incredibly talented floral designer.

These two creatives found their mutual passion for flowers as the perfect opportunity for a side hustle, with a touch of passion, transforming it into show-stopping artistry. And, boy, did it work out! Just weeks after opening the studio in Al Quoz, Dubai, Goshá rapidly became the favorite florist in the fashion scene of the moment, among prestigious designers and brands. They have already created custom designs for Chloé, Jimmy Choo and Adidas x Ivy Park.

The sophistication with which they create their arrangements is something never-before-seen, totally opposite to the usual standardized bouquets. They only work with fresh flowers and receive deliveries twice a day, making sure they have a very wide range of flowers to create their craft, without being wasteful. They never repeat their flower arrangement models, so that the results remain unique and unexpected.

To the clients’ excitement, Gosha also has a weekly subscription, which includes a selection of curated fresh stems delivered to your home, retail space or office, a love letter in a carefully selected designer vase or in craft wrapping paper for you to place in your own vases.

Their current shop includes a selection of minimalistic candles and artistic vases, perfectly made to emphasize the story told by the flowers. We declare ourselves obsessed and inspired!

Photo gallery available on Guasha’s Instagram page.

Check out their official shop, right here.