You might have heard some terms thrown around lately, like slow living or burnout, and in the context of the world right now, it comes with no shock. People are looking now more than ever for ways to ease tension and relax.

Well, look no further, this is Green Bar’s time to shine! Founded by Reem al Khalifa, Green Bar is one of Bahrain’s best-kept beauty secrets and one of the few natural & organic skincare lines that have emerged out of the Middle East, with real impact.

Green Bar Inc soaps Bahrain vegan making of

Their mission, as pure as their ingredients, is to bring awareness to the healing potential of the plants in the Arabian Peninsula area, connecting the people to the land, and bringing awareness to the environment. They’re working hard to find solutions to reinvent the use of forgotten ingredients, with strong healing powers.

It is therefore clear to say that Green Bar promises fresh, natural, non-toxic ingredients, polished into their special handcrafted beauty products. Actually, Khalifa’s family-owned garden is one of the main sources of inspiration and ingredients for Green Bar’s soaps, creams, and fragrances, especially mint, mulberry, rose and palm. The rest of them are carefully collected from local farmers, creating an ethical environment.

Their soaps are bestsellers, as they have such a special craft behind them. They are made with high-grade cold-pressed oils, fragranced with signature essential oil blends, like myrrh and lavender, and wash everything beautifully. The Aged Soap uses a traditional recipe from the city of Aleppo in Syria, aged in the Green Bar warehouse for 9 months. 

Their portfolio doesn’t stop at soaps, as you can find each and every product you need for your relaxing routine and at-home facial. Facial exfoliants, moisturizers, oils, you name them! There is an option for every type of skin, bursting with antioxidants, finishing with a potent aroma that brings you back to running in the garden when you were a kid!

Their formula holistically helps the skin resist all oxidative damage, whether from the sun, pollution or stress, with ingredients like nourishing mango & shea butter, antibacterial coconut oil & turmeric, fig leaf extract and licorice.

Their fragrances are always sold out, no wonder! Island Rose honors the medicinal Mohamedy roses that blossom in March’s warm sun, while Lavender Cologne is a classic, timeless cologne, that works for the whole family!

Their collection of lip balms represents the Arabic Peninsula wonderfully with its specific healing plants. Green Bar has added a subtle hint of spices to conjure up the exotic aroma of their region.  The spices go well with the rich butters that moisturize and nourish the delicate lip area.

Some of the flavors include Omani Lime, Arabic Coffee, Date Seed, Neroli & Mastic, Sweet Olive, and Island Rose. You can also find tinted versions for that extra oompf, where carefully crafted natural pigments and pearl powders were used.

Green Bar Cafe Bahrain with incredible homemade food vegan salad milk cheese vegetables tea coffee latte

Not only is Green Bar ahead of the skincare game since 2006, but in order to be of better service, they opened Green Bar Café in 2017. As beauty starts from within, with a healthy body & soul, they considered it the perfect choice to further follow their mission.

They make their food from scratch, like their bread made with freshly milled flour, nut milk, cultured cheeses, sprouts, and pickles, served on handmade clay plates, with native flower arrangements that feature the season. An ambiance that perfectly balances inner & outer beauty.

To us, it sounds like the perfect way to recharge our batteries! What about you?

Make sure to check out more about their products and mission, here. Be it beauty products, facials or checking out their Café, you’ll find everything you need in this modern oasis.

Photos courtesy of Green Bar Inc.