With modern authenticity at the center of his designs, Hisham Wali’s iconic men’s accessories and jewelry mend between an international upbringing and a divine love for fashion.

His Arabian roots are handcrafted into every individual piece creating dapper collections that carry real stories made with the finest Egyptian artisanship HUWA’s jewelry and accessories are designed to accentuate men’s individual style and character through timeless pieces and collections that narrate stories of passion and authenticity.

Wali was born and raised in the Gulf, but doesn’t come from an artistic background. He pursued a degree in Communication at Richmond University and a master’s degree in International Marketing and Management at Westminster University.

What triggered his passion for jewelry and accessories? He started experimenting with his style and saw the potential this area has. He observed the scarcity of options when it comes to masculine jewelry. He first experimented with lapel pins for himself, which later translated into the beautiful story that Huwa is today.

Each piece is an iconic form of self-expression; individually hand-crafted with the finest Egyptian artisanship using sterling silver and brass, finished with platinum or gold, and adorned with both precious and semi-precious stones. Alongside its exclusive pieces made to order, the brand also offers a bespoke service that enables the recreation of individual pieces in solid gold.

Since its founding in 2017, HUWA has made its way to international red carpets with pieces that speak for themselves and for their gentleman. His talent soon caught up with fashion editors, getting featured in Elle Arabia, Vogue Man Arabia, GQ, Flair Magazine.

He’s made several successful collections, like his Essential Line, DECO and Astrology, that bring a discrete and elegant symbolism to the day-to-day life of a successful man. You can find everything, from bracelets, necklaces, lapel pins & cufflinks to praying beads, passport covers, and money clips.

February was all about expressing love beyond words, that’s why HUWA has partnered with SANDBOX this season to celebrate intimacy and connection. They’ve created a sensually delicate collection, that brings warmth with its red precious stones, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day and the upcoming spring, which symbolizes renewal and rebirth.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for some shopping, don’t you think?

Photos courtesy of HUWA Design. If you are interested in exploring HUWA’s full collections, check out their official site, here.