Ask any of his 26k Instagram followers and they will confirm: by exploring Karim Abdelrahman’s work, one can easily relate to the “eating with the eyes” expression, since his culinary creations are as visually stunning, as they are a taste celebration.

Just by scrolling over his mouth-watering pictures, one can tell Karim is a complex artist, photography and food styling being among his passions, besides successfully experimenting in the kitchen.

The professional chef started his career at a young age abroad. After high school, he decided to explore the gastronomic world in Switzerland and France, managing to work with the legendary Alain Ducasse in Paris.

Guy Savoy, the Parisian three Michelin-star rated as the best restaurant in the world by LA LISTE for three consecutive years, is one of the places Abdelrahman has perfected his work. Today, he is now back in Egypt and works as a Consultant Chef, adding his spin to local culinary richness.

He is constantly invited to TV shows and places like TED Talks, as his positive energy is so contagious and inspirational. He doesn’t market his food creations as something exclusive, reserved for high-put people. Instead, he brings his knowledge to his social media followers, by thoroughly explaining the steps to his recipes in video tutorials, both for his native Egyptians and international audience.

Some of his favorite dishes to make are soul foods, the ones that your mom would make to bring you comfort, traditional dishes, but always with a modern twist or a way to reinterpret them by adding the secret ingredient: his passion.

To think that only a few years ago he just had a passion for photography, with no previous skill in cooking, is astounding to see the progress he has made and how he has taken the culinary world by storm. We can’t wait to see a restaurant under his name and, why not, a well-deserved Michelin star.

Photos courtesy of Karim Abdelrahman.

For more info on his work and recipes, check him out on Instagram, here.