What is Ladies First

*a subjective, yet consistent cartography of contemporary talent, from countries less known in the West, countries with an unfair stigma attached in the mainstream media, other times just associated with clichés that are no longer relevant or totally insignificant for the bigger picture.

*when the evening news around the world starts, the focus is on politics, politicians and usually bad vibes. When there is none of the above, there is silence. Is there another way to look at the identity of a country, nowadays and to discover it, in a completely different key? Through this platform we hope to give the answer.

*carefully curated content for international, badass headhunters in search of fresh, educated, sparkling creatives, from a wide range of disciplines, with proven results.

*a lobby tool for a country’s reputation abroad, via some of its remarkable citizens & their contribution to the world.

*a microfiber cloth to wipe clean the clichés of a country and its people.

*an alternative to Lonely Planet for people willing to explore countries of the world coolest places through the lens of the recommended designers.

*a light, subtle way to bring harmony & equal amount of attention to both talented men and women.

What is not:

*a movement that wants to ignore, downgrade or extinct men.

*an attempt to resurrect the women warriors’ empire.

How it works:


An influential professional gentleman recommends an outstanding lady in the creative industry. (award-winner, talented, bright & able to handle international projects).
*For the some countries, we invited also women to recommend female talent.


She has her portrait taken in a location of her choosing, ideally belonging to the designer she recommends. She tells us about herself and gives a mini-interview (see questions below).


A culturally and national identity relevant designer’s work is presented, as endorsed by the lady.


  1. What makes your soul sing?
  2. A childhood story that announced the creative person you are today:
  3. Best context ever for inspiration was:
  4. The project you loved most:
  5. The project others loved most:
  6. The best thing about creativity in your country is:
  7. Best statement of your country’s humor:
  8. Advice for international head-hunters, related to your country’s creatives:
  9. Best place in the capital of your country:
  10. Best place in your country: