Pacita Abad’s work is known for having traveled the world. Both literally, as the artist has had several expositions in different places of the globe (such as New York, Jakarta, London, Munich, Bristol, Manila), as well as through their subjects, as Pacita Abad represents in her art the many different cultures she lived in throughout her life.

She sometimes does this in a realistic way, as in her Immigrant Experience works, which, as the title says, depict the experiences of an immigrant, such as being caught at the border, being the new kid in class and having to blend in. In these works America is first and foremost represented as a land of multiculturality, the cultures mixing together – for example the colorful, Philippine version of the Statue of Liberty.

They are also not the only immigrants there, the American Dream encompasses other cultures such as Koreans (Koreans shopkeepers) or Haitians (Haitians waiting at Guantanamo Bay), and this multiculturality reflects in the variety of food as well – From Doro Wat to sushi and chicken wings and things. This multi- is characteristic of her work through the materials used, too, acrylic, oil, plastic buttons, beads and others all coming together in the same work.

Pacita Abad’s works also include more abstract paintings, such as the Door to Life exhibit, mainly depicting doors in Yemen (Entrance to al-Haima, Stained glass door in Sanaa), as well as mixtures of light.

For those interested in admiring her artwork live, the next place Pacita Abad’s works are traveling to is the Jameel Arts Centre in Dubai this September. The exhibit will be running from the 8th of September 2021 until the 13th of February 2022.