Sigal Abudi defines any convention. She is an awarded Creative Director, Lions included, and the mother of three. She was a passionate drawer since childhood, constantly in competition with her brother. When she ended up with a scholarship in Paris, at The Ecole des Beaux Arts, her mom knew Sigal took her passions seriously. The time spent in Paris left a mark on her creative style – the Amelie campaigns for Yes brand are proofs. Today, Sigal is the creative leader of McCann Tel Aviv and in 2019 she will host a talk in Cannes Lions. In the first day of the festival, Sigal and her colleagues won Grand Prix in Lions Health and 11 more awards, for Ikea, with ThisAbles campaign.

1. What would make your soul sing? What makes you happy?

My children and the projects that are getting to people, make me happy. I also love to enter a room and to solve a problem.

2. A childhood story that announced the creative person you are today.

When I was a kid, I was a passionate drawer, so it was my brother. My mom had an entire wall with his works and in the corner there was a little piece I’ve done. During a visit, my uncle saw all the pieces and he loved mine. My mom said: “my son is talented, but Sigal really wanted it”. I felt kind of hurt and wanted to prove her wrong. My entire life I wanted to show my mom that I am truly the creative one. Nowadays she is proud of me, every single time she likes on tv a commercial I’ve made. This episode defined the pattern of my life: a mix of talent, passion and very hard work.

3. Best context ever for inspiration was:

École des Beaux Arts, in Paris.

4. The project you loved most:

YES for Israel tourism, a series of commercials build around a French young girl discovering Israel in her own perspective. Some consider it the most lovable ad work on Israel.

5. The project others loved most:

Finding new names for Ikea products in Hebrew, for a digital catalogue.

6. The best thing about Israeli Creativity is:

Creatives here are not afraid. The entire industry is a bit macho, even the women, maybe because they are doing the army as well. So the content is very courageous and anti-clichés.

7. Best statement of Israeli humor:

Israelis adore laughing. They laugh at themselves, of each other, they make fun of everything, government included. There is not one topic that wasn’t a subject of fun, God and holocaust included. Political jokes are the best.

8. Advice for international head hunters, related to Israeli Creatives:

Don’t look at the credits behind the awarded work. Ask around who really did it and who is behind the idea.

9. Best place in Tel Aviv:

The Carmel market and the Tel Aviv Port.

10. Best place in Israel:

Galilee and Mitzpe Ramon, in the Negev desert.

Photo: Guli COHEN / MEALCHEMY.COM session.