If there is a thing that we all know by know is that tobacco is definitely not healthy, as all the anti-smoking campaigns keep telling us. But there is one thing that seems to not be talked as heavily: sugar.

With diabetes and obesity presenting as the most high risk problems worldwide, sugar continues to be an unseen risk for most people.

Aster Clinics in UAE decided to change that and shine more light on the subject.


There is a saying that goes as such: The dose makes the poison. In this case, how does this relate to sugar?

Well, the World Health Organization considers the food equivalent (from vegetables, fruits and other starches) of 5 spoons of sugar the daily safe consumption limit, but reality is that regular consumption in UAE is about at least three times as much.

The reality is that, every year, around 17 million people succumb to tobacco-related diseases worldwide, Which is unfortunate; but sugar-related diseases kill around 38 million. This shows us that sugar should be considered a priority as well, with much needed awareness.


Aster Clinics tactically decided to collaborate with 55 cafes across Dubai, where the standard sugar sachets served with coffee, tea, and other beverages were replaced with 5000 new ones that were designed to look like cigarettes.

Once customers reached for one, they were hit with a simple but powerful message – “Sugar is the new tobacco. Cut down on both. #StubSugar” Specially designed sachets were also sent to sent to media houses, bloggers and influential personalities to amplify the movement. 


There was a 39% increase in diabetes check-up inquiries and, thankfully, most of the 5000 special sachets remained unopened and took over social media with 50,000,000 earned impressions.


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