The world is going through rough times right now, and all we can do is use our voice so that the good can rise from the ashes again! Continuing our series of Ukrainian Talent that deserves recognition, we are now looking at PASKAL.

PASKAL is a renowned ukrainian clothing brand, that manages to find the perfect balance between delicate silhouettes and minimalistic shapes, while getting inspiration from our surroundings: modern architecture and nature. Laser cutting is one of the signature details in her work.

The mind and soul behind this beautiful brand is Julie Paskal, young and talented designer that has managed to create garments with strong personality. After graduating with an architecture degree, she dipped her toes into the world of fashion and launched her brand in 2013.

She managed to become one of the finalists of the first LVMH prize edition and later on became a participant of Paris Fashion Week in 2016. Paskal got featured in the window displays at the exclusive Colette Paris.

Living between Odessa and Kyiv and seeing her native Ukraine being thorn by war has made an impact on her, that can be noticed in her latest PS/23 Collection. Using delicate and flowy materials, her pieces inspire beauty and fragility, in line with the times we are living in.

In a world that is divided in black and white, Julie says that her interest lies in seeing what is in between them:

“Sometimes natural colors such as dramatic black and muted colors such as blue, are the perfect canvas and background for brush strokes of more colorful and vibrant moments. They emphasize the contrast of the rainbows that appear after rain, and the psychedelic patterns of flying soap bubbles after children play.”

Her collection is available in the Paper Mache Tiger showroom in Paris and can also be viewed on her official website. We strongly suggest you follow Julie Paskal’s work and show her some love!

Photos courtesy of PASKAL.

Find out more about the brand on Instagram and their official website.