her nickname is The Queen

People call her The Queen. And for a good reason: she inspired the entire Turkish market to win in Cannes, with style, determination and grace, for the last 18 years. Before being a Cannes Lions Ambassador, Vicky Habif was in the strategy and top management positions in Lintas, Saatchi & Saatchi and Grey. She studied at the prestigious Robert College and then Advertising and Social Sciences at Strasbourg University. While her two kids were still young, her passion for film led her to the Cinema studies, at the Tel Aviv University. Beyond her expertise, Vicky had an inner eye for good people: it ‘s enough to look at the Turkish jurors or young lions over the years: Exquisite.

  1. What makes your soul sing?
    My children make me happy. Small things make my soul sing.

2. A childhood story that announced the creative person you are today:
I’ve tried new things, new ideas. They were never good enough.

3. Best context ever for inspiration was:
Friends, people, books. If nothing inspires me, I dream.

4. The project you loved most:
The Arcelik brand for small appliances. I wrote the strategy. I thought then it was unique. I still love it.

5. The project others loved most:
I guess, the story of how I became The Representative for the
Cannes Lions Festival, in 2001. Total coincidence, I just grabbed it.

6. The best thing about Turkish creativity is:
The people. This geography inspires, threatens and allows its people to find solutions to problems never heard before.

7. Best statement of Turkish humour:
‘ayrani yok icmeye…’ Challenging to translate. Essentially it says: even though one owns nothing, acts as if he dœs and in a festive mood, makes a big show with trumpets and bells to announce where he is going.

8. Advice for international head-hunters, related to Turkish creatives:
Knock. Knock on any door. So many creative people, so many talents. They simply don’t have the luxury of their counterparts in Europe and the West. Therefore, they have more answers. They know how to overcome barriers.

9. Best place in Istanbul:
The Bosphorous.

10. Best place in Turkey: