an overachiever with heart

She was an absolute performer during her education years: the first in the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture in Bilkent University, then a Fulbright Scholar in New York, at the School of Visual Arts, for her master. She completed the program with Paula Rhodes Award for Exceptional Achievement in Design. After interning with Milton Glaser and Paula Scher – Pentagram – she worked as a designer for the New York City Ballet and as an art director at McCann Erickson NY. Once an overachiever, always an overachiever: in her work as senior art director at TBWA Istanbul and later on, at Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, she kept winning international awards in One Show, D&AD, Cannes Lions, Eurobest and a Grand Prix in design category. She currently produces work for Nike, Facebook, Airbnb and Corona.

1.What makes your soul sing?
Being with people I love.

2. A childhood story that announced the creative person you are today.
When I was 2, I painted a weird circle, which kind of looks like a snail, on my moms new bedroom furniture with white nail polish. It stayed there for more than twenty years till they moved to a new place. I am still proud of that white snail.

3. Best context ever for inspiration was:
Looking at old, yet iconic work always inspires me to come up with the new ones.

4. The project you loved most:
A calendar I designed for Land Rover.

5. The project others loved most:
The film we made for Nike Turkey Women.

6. The best thing about Turkish creativity is:
Turkish creatives have hunger and ambition to do good work despite the challenging market conditions.

7. Best statement of Turkish humour:
There are so many ingredients to cook with, you can’t go wrong with Turkish humor.

8. Advice for international head-hunters, related to Turkish creatives:
Turkish creatives may not always have the most polished work in their books in terms of the production value, but they are fast problem solvers thanks to the great volume of work they create.

9. Best place in Istanbul:
Bebek, as it is where home used to be.

10. Best place in Turkey:
Kas, a small beach town that I really love.

2 x GOLD