Hello, it’s 21 century

If we don’t like the mainstream media narrative, it we are not satisfied enough with the political class, if the street reality and its voice is far better than what is portrayed out there, in the media, about one culture or another, we should change something. What if 21st century diplomacy is about well educated, well traveled individuals that can do justice to other cultures, by documenting them in an honest, respectful and positive way, with the radar set for the best in one’s country, not for the worst?

Contemporary diplomacy

  • Done by third, independent parties, not enrolled in political schemes
  • personal leadership, fairness and an absolute respect for diversity and culture
  • unbiased lecture of less known and badly understood worlds
  • focusing on the bright side of life
  • interested in celebrating diversity, as a source of beauty, not problems
  • interested in promoting the good side of street reality over the media clichés
  • radar set towards the best people each country has, the better future builders
  • exploring creativity, tech, arts, entrepreneurship & culture and their best people, as the right ambassadors of a nation contemporary identity

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