After practicing private diplomacy since 2005, as the ambassador of the most influential creativity festival globally, using this position not only to vouch for ideas that change the world for the better, but for her country to become an active player in the process, she opted for formal diplomatic studies and an Intercultural Management UNESCO Master. Teodora has nowadays all the credentials to be a formal ambassador. Faithful to her entrepreneurial, pioneering mindset, she decided to keep on walking the private path – a 21st century lobby approach.

When she is not conducting qualitative research about cultures of the world, making their vibe familiar to those unable to have first hand access, she is a marketing consultant, a writer, a trainer, a personal branding coach and an international public speaker.

The brands she cared for ended up very often on the first position, the leaders she coached benefit a remarkable evolution celebrated publicly, while her career enjoyed wide recognition: European Excellence Award, Stevie Award, Brand Leadership Award, Cannes Lions – Most Passionate Lions Ambassador – Silver, Private Diplomacy Award, Dragan Sakan Award for impacting the Eastern European Creativity, Foreign Diplomacy Award – Media.