As Kuwait has experienced a rapid modernization, its architecture has followed along. Of course, with sudden economic growth, some may say that real estate developers forget about the cultural and traditional values of architecture. Considering that traditional Kuwaiti architecture was originally built with readily available materials like mud, rubble and stone, it’s safe to say that modernism now leads the way.

Well, Residential Nasima is different. Nasima instigates modernism and progress, while being respectful to the city fabric and cultural taste.

As the architects behind Studio Madouh say, Nasima takes inspiration from the historical natural landscape and urban clusters while providing a provoking contemporary design solution in contrast to it.

Residential Nasima manages to stand out with its asymmetrical cuts, its minimalist simplicity and elegance.

As the architect explain it, the design works backwards from the basic volume of the zoning envelope – essentially the cube, then chiseled through a series of cuts informing internal use, sun shading, and access. 

The end result represents eight unique residential units with 4000 square meters of built area, with a design that manages to attract any eye, while the envelope-like openings allow natural light, while maintaining privacy. Studio Madouh did not disappoint, that’s for sure!


Source: ArchDaily

Architects: Studio Madouh

Photographs: Nelson Garrido

Associate: JBA Collective