In the vibrant scene of fashion emerging from the Middle East, Reem Atout has carved a niche that beautifully combines her diverse cultural upbringing and a profound passion for design. Born in Egypt and raised between the dynamic landscapes of Qatar and the UAE, Atout established her eponymous label in Doha just last year, making waves with her unique blend of tradition, innovation, and sustainability.

Drawn to the world of fashion from an early age, Atout’s childhood fascination with Egyptian movies sparked her curiosity for costume design. Spending her time immersed in the art of embroidery, she soon realized her calling and imagined transforming her passion into a significant creative path.

Her inaugural collection, “Teta Chic,” not only managed to win the prestigious Cairo Design Award but also served as a heartfelt homage to her grandmothers. Using their vintage jalabeyas, shipped from Egypt, Atout embarked on a mission to revive the traditional garment. The collection encapsulates the essence of her grandmother’s homes, with flowy drapes, plush velvet couches, numerous colorful prints, and vintage TVs serving as muses for each crafted piece.

Preserving the authenticity of the jalabeya was important to her. While retaining the garment’s classic silhouette and modesty, she introduced innovative cutouts to enhance the original embroidery. A fusion of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetics, she layered each dress with athletic streetwear elements, featuring a vintage TV glitch pattern she created. This way, she managed to transform and upscale something considered traditional, maybe old-fashioned by some, in a catwalk-worthy look!

This transformation also brings up the subject of sustainability, which lies at the core of Atout’s design philosophy. She believes in viewing clothing as more than fabric—an archive of stories and memories.

We cannot wait to see what Reem Atout brings to the table next! Her journey exemplifies the transformative potential of fashion when fueled by a deep passion, cultural heritage, and a commitment to sustainable practices. Doha, you ain’t ready for this new generation of designers!

Check out Reem Atout’s journey, on her Instagram, here.