In the heart of Kavala, Greece, a quiet town overlooking the Mediterranean, a unique story unfolds with each meticulously crafted piece of jewelry from NURNEI. Founded in 2019 by the talented British-Palestinian designer, Noor, NURNEI is more than a jewelry brand—it’s a celebration of culture, heritage, and the timeless beauty of slow craftsmanship.

Noor’s journey to becoming a jewelry designer is surprising and fascinating, as she never intended to follow an artistic path. Armed with a BSc in Geology and an MSc in Geochemistry, with a focus on climate change impact on marine bivalves, Noor initially envisioned for herself a career in science research.

However, her move to Kavala marked a turning point. In her spare time, she discovered a local artisanal jewelry workshop, that she fell in love with! That’s where she began to immerse herself in the art of silversmithing, blending her scientific background with her newfound artistic passion.

NURNEI’s inception is a tale of heritage and personal connection. The iconic slow jewelry brand is made to order, using materials like 14/18kt custom gold. The organic shapes, textures, and colors of her surroundings are reflected in her contemporary yet timeless jewelry designs.

Noor’s father gifted her an old set of coins minted ‘Palestine,’ which later became the muse for her debut collection, named “The Coin Collection.” With her desire to bridge her Palestinian identity and her passion for contemporary design, Noor created replicas of these sentimental coins with freshwater pearls and semi-precious stones. The result? Breathtaking wearable art pieces!

“The Coin Collection” is not just jewelry, but a bridge to a homeland out of reach. Noor, being a Palestinian in diaspora, understands the significance and impact of creating tangible connections to one’s roots. Each piece in this collection draws from traditional coin jewelry but with a modern twist, reflecting Noor’s unique perspective on blending heritage with contemporary aesthetics.

Noor’s commitment to ethical practices extends beyond her craft. In a bid to support artisans in Palestine and preserve centuries-old craftsmanship, she designed the exquisite Mother of Pearl Map Pendant. Hand-cut and engraved in Bethlehem, this piece is a testament to NURNEI’s dedication to preserving traditional techniques while creating pieces that transcend time and borders.

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