The Love&LOBBY team was excited to attend the recent Bosphorus Cup Race in Istanbul, where inspiration was everywhere to be found! We managed to meet a wonderful local team of creative geniuses, made up by Dilara Kan Hon and Bodin Hon.

Their design studio is called Yellowdot, and it’s everything but ordinary! The award-winning studio is recognized internationally with iF Design, Red Dot Design, GOOD design, ADI Compasso d’oro. Their projects have been presented all over the world, including Milan, Paris, New York, Stockholm, Dubai, Hong Kong, Istanbul and more.

Working from their studio in Hong Kong & Istanbul, Dilara and Bodin collaborate with craftsmen, industries, manufacturers & brands across Europe to Asia to translate meticulous ideas into production. 

Interdisciplinary thinking & cross-cultural outlook are their main focus, so expect to see all kinds of diverse projects – from product design to spatial design, design consultancy to autonomous experiments, which has allowed the cross-pollination of ideas, transferring knowledge from one field to another, redefining many categories through design. 

We had the chance to see their work at the viewing party at the Çırağan Palace Kempinski Hotel, where they presented their latest ‘Patisserie’ ceramic collection with Gorbon.

‘Patisserie’ is a delicious-looking contemporary collection of ceramic tiles & objects, celebrating the ingredients and the ceramics production process: from clay mixing, forming, firing to the final glazing – unlocking the beauty and magic of each step to create a delightful collection featuring handmade three-dimensional tiles, as well as bespoke stools, tables, lighting, vases, and art mural.⁠

The beautiful pastels were a joy to see and crave-inducing! Expect to discover pastel ceramic eclairs, donuts and biscuits that you’ll just want to bite! The creative duo even managed to create ‘icing’ clay & glazes, making the sweets look incredibly realistic. Each one is handmade and unique!

Having the chance to meet the YellowDot studio team, while overlooking the Bosphorus Cup race was the perfect way to enjoy these spectacular creations.

If you want to check out more about YellowDot’s creative work, click here.