VIP Fridge Magnet – Red Tomato Pizza


Red Tomato is a neighborhood pizzeria wanting to drive loyalty with existing customers and increase delivery orders. Going up against multinational pizza chains, they were losing to big budget ad campaigns and ‘value deals’. We had to find an idea that would resonate with customers beyond deals and toppings. So we found a local insight. While home delivery is popular in a city with over 200 nationalities, placing and receiving the right order is usually riddled with communication problems. Our strategy was to make home delivery from Red Tomato a special experience in a way no brand had done before.We delivered Red Tomato fridge magnets to loyal customers. The twist? The magnet doubles as the ultimate VIP pizza emergency button! Customers could activate it by connecting through Bluetooth with their mobile phones. With just the press of a button, it would automatically place an order for their favorite Red Tomato pizza whenever a craving struck. And if fans found a new favorite, they could simply edit their preferred order online, with the pizza magnet updating their selection on the spot. In addition, a YouTube teaser video was created to make other customers realize what they were missing out on.The VIP Fridge Magnet uses tech innovation to drive convenience and create a personal, one-of-a-kind experience at the same time. Instead of a campaign, we developed a game-changer product and a new way for the brand to deliver customer satisfaction. The VIP Fridge Magnet is the world’s first one-push pizza delivery service, exclusively for Red Tomato’s most loyal customers. Finally, we helped Red Tomato customers enjoy ordering their favorite pizzas! This new kind of customer engagement increased orders and earned the pizzeria word-of-mouth and buzz that money just can’t buy.In just 4 weeks,On a total marketing budget of $9,000: Deliveries increased by 500%3,240 requests from existing customers 97,133 requests from new customers Over 12,000 mentions9,400 news stories worldwideOver $8 million in free mediaFranchisee opportunities around the world.

Agency – TBWA/RAAD