Before there was fashion, there was Barbie: the perfect doll who inspires little girls everyday, all over the world. She was and still is the first real fashion icon that girls get to know growing up. A smartie know-it-all, you could always find her dressed up as a princess, designer, model, farmer, even astronaut! What can’t she do?! Well, today you’ll find her in an unexpected collaboration in the truest fashion sense: Barbie x Jean-Louis Sabaji, acclaimed Lebanese fashion designer.

After a decade in the business, in which Jean-Louis has dressed well-known celebrities, including Beyoncé, Cardi B or Aishwarya Rai, it was only fair for him to get to create a collection for the biggest icon. Jean-Louis Sabaji is the first Middle Eastern designer to collaborate with Mattel for a special Barbie collection, which he presented at Arab Fashion Week in Dubai— a real token for a designer who used to be bullied as a kid for dressing up dolls.  

Named after famous French designer Jean-Louis Scherrer, it was like he was meant to be a designer. Sabaji’s talent and fascination with couture came from his late father Jean, who was also a designer. He grew up in his father’s atelier, watching him create spectacular dresses, atelier from which he has now inherited and uses as his own.

Growing up, he graduated with a Graphic Design degreee at the Lebanese American University, after which he decided to pursue Fashion Design at Domus Academy in Milano. Since then, his creativity has been flourishing everyday, sharing his numerous collections at international shows, with a niche clientele. His style is forever transforming, but what always ca be noticed as a signature is his way of mixing an european style with eastern accents.

His current Barbie collection hits the spot for numerous nostalgic fashionistas, bringing a childhood memory to life.

Make sure to check it out on his online store, by clicking here.
Photo courtesy of Jean-Louis Sabaji.