Did you know that it takes 230.000 liters of water to produce 1 kilogram of cotton, equivalent to a single T-shirt and a pair of jeans? This is only one of the many jaw-dropping reasons why sustainable fashion is more important than ever. One such brand that has completely revolutionized the middle eastern fashion market is Reemami, which has taken the bold mission of tracing its supply chain and implementing sustainable fibers into their collections.

The Palestinian-born designer Reema Al Banna, creator of REMMAMI, sees sustainability as the core to their ethos as a brand, along with ethical designing and women empowerment. While creating modern womenswear that combines eastern and western styles, the brand strives to minimize harm to our planet through all that they do: measuring its impact in the areas of supply chain transparency, raw materials, seasonless fashion, social advocacy, and giving back.

Al Banna’s label has been celebrated for managing to create its distinct style, while giving back to the community. Its architectural and experimental cuts pair beautifully with hand-illustrated graphics and prints. The result? A playful, happy brand, ideal for the quirky and stylish woman, who’s not afraid to be daring with her style!

It’s no wonder that Reema uses a lot of hand-illustrated graphics in her collections, as she first cultivated her interest for art as a graphic designer. This further motivated her to study at the Fashion Institute Esmod in Dubai. Today, she is changing the fashion world, day by day. Her customers include people like Queen Rania of Jordan, Bella Hadid, Kelly Rowland and other celebrities.

Reemami’s collections are inspired by the designer’s love for music, traveling, and other little joys of life. Her recent collection is called A tin of Olive Oil, through which Reema explores her beautiful Palestinian heritage and transforms the familiar traditional symbols into fun textile patterns. Inspired from her childhood delicacies & memories that tie her to her identity, you’ll discover playful dresses and shirts, that make you feel like a kid again, running on the grass with your friends and enjoying the sun.

For us, Reemami is a feel-good brand that definitely deserves a spot on our favorites list! Is it on yours?

Photos courtesy of REEMAMI. For more info and their official shop, click here.