“A look at the philosophy of space, nature, place and the role of man in this.”

This fundamental aspect of life is the basis of RD Furniture’s spirit. Leonid Spivakov used to produce handmade furniture in his factory in Kyiv, which has been destroyed by the war. Feeling is the starting point, when he is involved in designing architecture, interior and objects, while creating a natural product with intelligence.

#StandwithUkraine! What doesn’t kill you make you stronger!” is his core belief while facing the situation with resilience. And that resilience and the entrepreneurial spirit pushed him to move on. Believe it or not, he has already started to build a new factory in Transcarpathian region. He is planning to remain in Ukraine with his wife and his 3 children.

“I’m trying to help my team to get relocated from Bucha, Irpin, Gostomel here and searching for houses and apartments for their family and get back to work here. Now I’m pushing Ukrainian economy and trying to get new export orders.”

Contact directly @rdf_fashionfurniturefactory to make orders and support his business.