Turkish brand Mlouye (pronounced me-loy) seems to come up in every fashion conversation and on every IT girl’s shoulder, taking the US and even Asian markets by storm. The perfectly structured bags can be seen on popular influencers and models, like the Hadid sisters, elevating any look. How did it all start? It’s all thanks to Meb Rure, Mlouye’s founder and creative director.

You can easily see her industrial design background influence, especially in the interesting angles of the bags. Meb starts out with her own studio, founded in Istanbul, in 2012. The studio’s main focuses are new materials, new forms, alternative production techniques and needs of modern living. Beyond industrial design, the studio also works across different areas including space design and art installation.

Looking for new challenges, in 2015, Meb decided to change plans and turn her energy towards creating a collection of exceptional handbags. This way, Mlouye was born, with complete attention to detail, like quality material, good design, while being respectful to craftsmanship and sustainability, Mlouye reflects the epitome of quality over quantity.

The Bauhaus philosophy is clearly celebrated through Meb’s vision, centering around the wave’s ideals: simplicity, utility, and function with a view towards the future. The lines, geometry, and color of modern stylings create an incredible story. This way, Mlouye merges industrial design and fashion, creating functional handbags made of luxurious and simple materials to improve people’s lives in small but important ways.

The unexpected shapes with smart details manage to differentiate the brand and make it easily identifiable on the high-fashion streets, while also making it almost a secret of those well-dressed. Is like you walk proudly around town, spot someone else wearing Mlouye, and you smile sneakingly to each other, knowing that you have something special in your collection.

The company’s headquarters are now split between the US and Turkey, but they ship worldwide. Tell us, are you tempted? We sure are!

Check out the official shop, here.