Turkish sisters Pinar Yeğin and Deniz Yeğin İkiışık are the creative minds behind Rumisu, a joint design project that invites everyone into their “whimsical world”. A brand that is fun, caring, has a childish side to it, all while being respectful to heritage, culture and sustainability. Pinar and Deniz work in close cooperation with the United Nations Development Project (UNDP), giving back to the community, while creating luxury quality statement pieces.

Their design collection has slowly grown from scarves, pocket squares & bandannas to full-on Ready to Wear, including wonderfully crafted blouses and jackets.

The brand has a playful and vibrant spirit, thanks to the sisters’ passion for illustration, all while using only natural fabrics like silk, cotton and wool. Their intricate patterns and illustrations always tell a story.

Each scarf has a unique crocheted accessory that carries forward and reminds of the traditional Turkish art of Oya.

The idea of printing on fabric came naturally to them since they come from a family with a strong textile background. A silk scarf was the obvious choice and solution for a blank canvas and the best way to turn their illustrations into a wearable form of art.

You might see an alien thematic or monkeys jumping and dancing, elephants hugging and hypnotic zebras. Sounds like a cool jungle party that we’d like to be invited to! Clearly, Pinar and Deniz keep a sense of humor and wish to spread positivity.

Photos courtesy of Rumisu.

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