Founded in Cairo, in 2012 by Hend Riad & Mariam Hazem, two recent graduates, Reform evolved into an internationally awarded lifestyle brand. Its main goal is to design for a cause, while promoting sustainable luxury.

Directly after the 2011 revolution in Egypt, the founders were excited to be part of the great change around them, eager to make a difference. The feeling of responsibility towards serving their society and environment gave them the motivation to try to solve some of the major problems in Egypt. Hence “Plastex” was born: a 100% eco-friendly handmade fabric, made out of waste plastic bags & cotton or polyester threads.

Reform’s goal is to design creative responsible products that benefit the environment and have a positive impact on society, by empowering local craftsmen and women with limited resources. By producing a whole range of hand-made, high-end eco-friendly fashion accessories, furniture & home accessories, the ambitious dream became a celebrated reality.

They’ve managed to win tons of prestigious awards, like ADC Award, U.SRossana Orlandi, RO Plastic Prize in Milan, Cartier Women’s Initiative awards, Silver A’ Design Award, 2nd prize at Salone Internazionale del Mobile and Gold at Design+Industry.

Reform has it’s own workshop in Cairo were the production and upcycling happens. Socially, the brand took reviving the weaving industry in Egypt, with its main goal to restore an old craft that is on a brick of extinction through supporting Egyptian craftsmen & empowering underprivileged women with limited resources & education, all while creating a sustainable income to help their families.

Currently, Reform produces its own fabric in house, where it sells its products in several showrooms in Egypt, U.S, Japan and UK.

One of Reform’s latest collaborations is with IKEA of Sweden; to design the first-ever African collection called Overallt curated by Design Indaba, launched in May 2019 in all IKEA stores worldwide. They’ve also managed to partner with the Egyptian Shoe brand ELIA designing ecofriendly crafted slippers, boots and sandals.

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