Throughout our designer scouting days, we’ve managed to meet and get acquainted with several talented artists, but what happens when great minds get together and create something new? Magic! At least, that’s what we feel The Washroom Collection has in store for the future, a project started as a collaboration between Ramzi Makram-Ebeid and Yasmine Hassanein, two old friends who came upon this idea in a simple phone call, talking about plans and dreams.

Ramzi is well-known for his work as the founder of Human Nature, the high-end Cairo-based boutique design studio (check out our interview with him, right here), while Yasmine comes from a business background, working in design-centric organizations, like Azza Fahmy Jewelry and Eklego Design. This ignited her love for design and brought her on the road to discovering her passion for pottery in 2018, which she transformed into a small business called Leyyah, a place for handcrafted pottery washbasins, home accents, and more.

The collaboration was one that came naturally, as both designers have a distinct eye for minimalism, with Ramzi always declaring himself a functionalist beyond anything else. His philosophy is building spaces with the maximum efficiency of their intended purpose, while also creating an aesthetic that is soulful and earthy.

Yasmine’s spectacular hand carving.

Yasmine thrives most when working with her hands and is very much a tactile person, so a full design experience for her concentrates on textures and layers. She first started working with textiles, copper, and finally pottery. Clay became a material she absolutely loved so, self-taught and inspired by an amazing Bali brand, she started creating textures on her products with her bare hands, which she finds deeply fulfilling.

That’s the beauty of it all: the handcrafted clay washbasins are created using traditional pottery techniques. Many hands are needed to bring one piece to life, each and every detail or shape has been touched by the sturdy and experienced hands of dedicated Egyptian manufacturers, transforming passion and love for craft into gorgeous pieces of art.

You’ll find a selection of colors, ranging from a variety of neutrals and classics like nude, stone, grey & charcoal to a charming teal or warming terracotta. Shapes and textures are your allies when building an eclectic bathroom. Choosing your washbasins, countertops and tables finishes is going to be a luxurious journey by itself! Of course, let’s not forget about mirrors and faucets, details that bring together the whole look. Irokowood is an important material to be mentioned, as it is a special type of wood that is water resistant.

The duo will be launching a new product and showcasing two other of their favorite pieces soon, at the French Ambassador’s Residence. The event is called Cultural Dialogue Series – Egypt & France Edition, powered by El Beit Magazine, curated by renowned Architect Hassan Abouseda, Creative Consultant Jihan El Touni, Executive Director Mariam Gohar and supported by Karim Wissa Managing Director of CCIFE.

Sounds like a partnership with a lot to offer and we can’t wait to see all the pieces! Don’t you?

Photos courtesy of The Washroom Collection. You can find them on Instagram, here.