Tuba Ergin is not a name to be taken lightly. The clothes you have on yourself right now might have been at one point her ideas. Why? Because this divine designer has worked and consulted for top fashion houses and brands in Turkey and on the international market. Some of them including Lacoste, Koton, Us Polo, H&M from Sweden, VM, Only Vila, Jack & Jones from Denmark, Groupe Beaumanoir (Morgan, Cache-Cache, Bonobo) from France, Celio, Promod, Zu Elements from Italy, Inditex Brands from Spain, Debenhams from England, just to name a few.

Born in Istanbul and educated in Chicago, Tuba Ergin studied Fashion Design in college, as she knew right from the start that’s what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. She took classes at the Art Institute of Chicago and finished La Salle College’s Fashion Design and Marketing program.

After her vast experience, she finally decided to create her first brand. She started out with Garden of Denim Design (GODD) in 2010, a premium eco-sustainable denim brand that became an instant success and reached a high distribution in countries like Italy, Spain, Canada, Greece, Germany, Japan, Korea.

Since then, she has had several successful collaborations and started designing under her own name in 2014. She started participating with her TUBA ERGIN label at Istanbul Fashion Week.

Ergin’s style is more about experiment and freedom than anything else. She is inspired by technology and street culture and values environmentally conscious materials. Looking versatile & modern, yet classy, is the way to go. Her clothing is for the type of woman that knows what she wants. A strong, independent, unapologetic lady. Innovation and wearability are two key elements that you will always notice.

You can find Ergin’s collections in several international locations in high level design boutiques and department stores such as: Harvey Nichols, Galeries Lafayette, Brandroom, Bilstore, Gizia Gate, and Wolf&Badger. We encourage you to check out her exquisite designs!

Check out Tuba Ergin’s latest collection on her website, right here.