From a young age, we are taught to empathize with the people around us. But what about our planet? What if all the things in our physical world had consciousness and the ability to feel? That’s what animism is, a belief celebrated by the gorgeous brand Bodies As Clothing.

Bodies As Clothing, created by Allen Litton, was made with the inherent knowledge that all things are interconnected. That means everything, from the herbal dyes that go into the fabric, to the communities that stand behind the whole process of creating everything from scratch, from farm crops to clothes, the emotion created by the fit and shape of clothing. Everything has energy and emotion, and we are all a part of this beautiful process.

This way, Allen gives a new appreciation and respect for the art of fashion, our everyday wear, all while keeping sustainability in mind.

The fashion brand was courageously brought to life in 2021, in the middle of the pandemic, after 5 years of building partnerships with like-minded artisans, with beliefs that are rooted in animistic culture. He also passionately explored the subject in his graduate thesis about the future of fashion, at the London College of Fashion.

For now, Bodies as Clothing products are made in Bali, Indonesia, where their partners help underprivileged women by teaching them the art of batik, support a woman-owned garment workshop in central Bali, and gold and silver smiths from South West Bali who create lovely jewelry.

If you check out their collections, get ready for a unique experience with plant-dyed clothing, with natural materials like hemp, cotton, and heritage Chinese silk. You will be impressed to find out that some of their products use regenerated nylon, made out of reclaimed ocean plastic. This truly is the future of fashion, now to mention that their pieces are just gorgeous and an honor to wear!

Gallery courtesy of Bodies As Clothing. Be sure to check out their work on their official site, here, and own one of their unique pieces!