The Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon is a free treatment center for kids suffering from oncological conditions. Lebanon has one of the highest cancer rates in the world and, due to its economy going downhill, centers like this find it more difficult each day to raise funds.

This NGO takes are of 300 children yearly at no cost to their parents or families. In 2018, the cancer center proudly achieved an 80% average survival rate for its patients, but these great numbers can be maintained or beat only through people and organizations that donate and offer funding. Otherwise, they won’t be able to treat children at all.


The Republique team observed that people have slowly become desensitized at traditional fundraising advertising that showed children in hospitals or without hair. They wanted to create a campaign that can inspire people to look at the future in a positive way and be motivated to do something. So they decided to show the public how bright the future of a child can look and how they can help make that dream come true.


Using Artificial Intelligence, they took 8-Year old cancer patient Reina and recreated her 10 years from the present, presenting her as a regular teenager who loves to dance and have fun. Their main message was “Through artificial intelligence, we were able to give a glimpse of Reina’s bright future. Through your support, we can make sure she lives to see it.”

For the AI project to be made, a team of 30 people was needed and they managed to complete the work in a period of 5 months. Through software that learns from people at a young and old age, they were able to create a mask of Reina’s future based on data collected from her family.


As soon as the film hit social media it went viral, being shared by influencers and celebrities that had millions of followers. By the end of the first week, the campaign had raised $250,000 and the number continued to grow.

The Future Reina campaign went viral almost instantly, being shared by A-list celebrities, every major influencer, and even the Lebanese Prime Minister.

Reina became a celebrity overnight and a symbol for hope, with top TV channels requesting to have her on their shows and the campaign being covered by every major tv station and newspaper both locally and regionally. Future Reina opened up a conversation on the positive impacts of artificial intelligence and showed how we can innovate for good.


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